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Project status: EARLY ALPHA

This project is still in the experimental stage, and I don't use anything critical on it.


Still deciding on Hardware
But i want a powerful Server that runs Proxmox or ESXI on it to virtualize at least a Kubernetes Cluster with 2 or 3 Worker Nodes (1 Master - i don't need HA Stuff atm)

2 or 3x Lenovo M710Q Tiny They go up to 32GB Ram (16 might be enough but i will go for 32 for proxmox!) 128GB SSD which is perfect and they only consume less than 50W (probably 5W on Idle) Cheap Tiny Client

Will use one for OPNSense


  • Common applications
    • Github Runner
    • paperless-ngx
    • n8n
    • ioBroker
    • Node-Red
    • Home Assistant
    • MQTT
    • Kafka
    • Grafana
    • Prometheus
    • Elasticsearch
    • Kibana
    • MySQL / MariaDB
    • Traefik
    • ArgoCD
    • HashiCorp Vault
    • Memos or HedgeDoc or Documize or Docusaurus (still deciding)
    • Shiori
    • Kutt
    • Vikunja
    • Tekton
    • Uptime Kuma
  • Automated Kubernetes installation
  • Installing and managing applications using GitOps
  • Automatic rolling upgrade for OS and Kubernetes
  • Automatically update apps
  • Modular architecture, easy to add or remove features/components
  • Automated certificate management
  • Automatically update DNS records for exposed services
  • VPN without port forwarding
  • Expose services to the internet securely with Cloudflare Tunnel
  • CI/CD platform
    • ArgoCD
    • Tekton
  • Private container registry
  • Distributed storage
  • Support multiple environments (dev, prod)
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Infrastructure testing

Services (Own Coded)

Tech stack (for now)

Logo Name Description
K3s Lightweight distribution of Kubernetes
Helm The Kubernetes package manager
ArgoCD GitOps tool built to deploy applications to Kubernetes
Metal3 Bare metal host provisioning for Kubernetes
Traefik The Cloud Native Application Proxy